Monday, July 28, 2008

In Minnesota - Film at 11

Those of you who follow my Twitter stream already know about the excruciatingly long road trip I took from Oklahoma to Minnesota on yesterday. It's all because of a friend who's sick with Myelofibrosis and is hoping to get into a experimental drug treatment program at the Mayo Clinic. It seems that, at the moment, they are on the leading edge of research and treatment of this unique and fairly rare disorder.

The drive up was pretty very long (12 hours total with many detours and a hearing a lot of 'recalculating' from 'Edna', our GPS unit) but fairly uneventful. I was hoping to get a lot of cool pictures since we were going through three states but the coolest thing I got was a bit of an odd picture of a cloud after passing through one of the hardest rainstorms I'd ever been in as we drove through Iowa.

I'm saying Iowa and Minnesota...not to exciting places.

We're only on day one of six that we'll be here and I'm already wishing for the advanced and hip lifestyle of Oklahoma. Yeah, really, it's that bad.

Anyway, it's 7:00am and we're getting ready to head to the Mayo Clinic for the first round of testing. This testing phase will last the duration of the week and will determine if they are eligible for the program or not. We don't know what to expect and we're not even sure how long we'll be here, though we were told to plan for six days.

While I'm here, I'm hoping to get some good content though. I'll update both this blog and my twitter feed with pictures, audio, and video, and I'm trying to setup an interview with both the head of IT at the Mayo Clinic and a few of the researchers at their cancer institute. I'll also post a few pics and videos of the cool stuff I find as I explore the area later this week - assuming there is cool stuff in this area.

So don't expect a lot of tech related posting this week. It's all going to be trip related unless something major comes up like Hilliary Clinton executes a hit on Barack Obama, Dick Cheney goes 'hunting' again, or Steve Jobs finally discloses he definitely doesn't have cancer because he is, as we all already know, a clone of the real Steve Jobs who died in the late 1990's.

OK, I'm not serious about the Steve Jobs thing. Not totally.
The Hillary thing though? I could totally see that happening.

Enjoy your day folks!
I'll be up to my ears and slathered in Mayo all day.
Isn't that a great image to start your workweek with?

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