Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Issues with Blogger

As some of you might already know if you follow my Twitter feed, I registered a custom domain for this blog over the weekend. I think the *.blogspot.com syntax looks bad and makes a blogs address hard to remember. So on Saturday night, I went to my registrar and signed up for cajuntechie.com. Yep, real original, I know.

Anyway, I'm used to things with GoDaddy happening fast so I was sort of surprised when I tried to go to the domain in the morning and it simply wasn't there. I called up GoDaddy and they told me that the instructions Google had given me to redirect the domain to my Blogger account were wrong and that I should do it another way.

So they changed things.
Today is Tuesday and still no cajuntechie.com

I called GoDaddy again today rather perturbed at what seemed like ineptitude and was told that the problem doesn't lie on their side but rather with a misconfiguration within Blogger that I needed to address. I should email Blogger support they said.

Yeah, that'll work.
Let's just go email Google for help
I probably would have had a better shot at getting help if I'd emailed Howard Hughes.

The upshot of this post is, here we are 4 days later with my domain not working. I have to say that GoDaddy was on top of this and even called me about the problem earlier today. But, come on Google, can't you offer a little higher level of support to your bastard Blogger customers?

Now, I realize most of you will say "why don't you just rent web space and point your domain there" and that's a good point. But it's irrelevant. Google offers a service to the public and they have the responsibility to make it work the way they say it is. Yes, my Blogger account will be gone from there shortly when I get around to setting up webspace and Wordpress. But I'm busy and don't want to mess with all the nasties right now.

So Google, I know you're busy 'doing no evil' and all that, but do you think you could maybe consider that bad customer support is doing evil?

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