Thursday, July 24, 2008

Twitter: On life support, but pulling through

A few weeks ago, we discussed the technical woes of social networking site Twitter and what, at the time, looked like it's slow but impending death from the numerous and growing technical issues they seemed to be suffering coupled with their seeming inability to fix them. It was, indeed, a sad tale because is one of those services that you really hope doesn't go away. They've built a great concept service; one that, if they can get it to work reliably, could really change the world.

So it's nice to see that the team is not just sitting idly by sipping lattes and burning through cash while Twitter crashes around them. Evan, Biz, and the engineering team have been hard at work squashing bugs and it looks like Twitter is becoming better for it.

I don't see the Fail Whale as much these days as I used to and, with the exception of not having the ability to page through tweets pas the last 20 or so and the massive follower count problem from yesterday, the service seems to be stable and well on the mend. Twitter might just pull through after all and that prognosis is looking better and better all the time as new team members are being brought on and big problems are being solved. The clueless developers I wrote about in my last post have either been fired or gotten a clue because they seem to be kicking ass right now.

Keep up the good work guys.
Your users aren't going anywhere.
We're here right behind you all the way.

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