Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I hate Apple Computer

It's official: I hate Apple Computer. Don't get me wrong, I love their products, but their business modal is one that would make even Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer gasp. In fact, it's so consumer unfriendly and so greedy that I might never buy another Apple product again.

Anyone who's ever lusted after a piece of Apple hardware knows one thing: you pay a premium to own Apple products and, once you own one of their products, they own you because it's all built in a very walled-garden sort of way. Apple has built and loves to live in a very proprietary universe.

Then, about a year ago, along came a company called PsyStar. PsyStar was, and as far as I know, still is, the first and only company to build a Mac clone. It did everything that a Mac could do (including running the Mac operating system and all Mac software) but came in cheaper and with a more open architecture than Apples own Mac products. It was an exciting development because, finally, you could get your Mac fix without having to pay the Apple tax.

We all knew it wouldn't last though.
Apple is too greedy and selfish to allow, you know, competition or anything...

This week, it was announced that Apple Computer has formally launched a lawsuit (click to read the complaint) against PsyStar claiming that the company has no right to sell its Mac clones preloaded with OS X. Their further claiming that every PsyStar Open Computer and OpenServ is running an illegally modified version of the operating system so every time PsyStar sold a system, they not only broke Apple's EULA but also infringed on their intellectual property.

Apple is demanding that PsyStar stop selling the computers and recall every single system they've sold since April. Oh, and just to make things nastier, Apple claims that PsyStar sold the systems in an attempt to damage Apple (yeah, they claim the PsyStar machines are inferior - and, to some extend, they are).

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this all boils down to money. Apple saw what happened to the PC market as IBM PC clones came to market and drove profit margins down to near zero. And they know that the same thing will happen if they allow a Mac clone maker to survive. After all, why share the market when you can simply own and monopolize it. Microsoft...errr...Apple has built an entire business on market monopolies and it looks like their ready to pull out the big guns to defend that monopoly.

Ahh, where is the Department of Justice when you need them.
Oh, yeah, they're still in Redmond...

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