Saturday, August 2, 2008

EyeJot: It just keeps getting better

Those of you who already use the popular EyeJot video voicemail service probably know how absolutely cool it is. Those of you who don't: you have no idea what you're missing! For as little as free, EyeJot allows anyone to compose email messages that include video, audio, and even file attachments, and send them to anyone in the world via email. It also allows you to post a "video answering machine" on your website and allow anyone with a webcam and mic to leave you video voicemail of their own without having to ever sign up for an EyeJot account.

I have to admit, when I started using this service about a year ago, my first thought was 'this company might have a problem surviving'. But that was only because I wasn't seeing the big picture. I wasn't considering the enormous utility of sending a video instead of a regular email, I wasn't considering how cool it would be for a grandma in New York to exchange video messages with her grandkids in California who she otherwise wouldn't see but once a year, or a soldier in Iraq being able to keep in close touch with his or her family back home though a system that is no harder to use than email.

But I think the system has now moved past the novelty family fringe userbase and is now poised for being used as a pretty serious business tool.

Imagine, for a moment, you're a busy manager needing to communicate something to your team that's spread out across the country. Maybe you're sending them the new PowerPoint sales presentation but need to explain some things or maybe it's something dead simple but you're finding it hard to communicate it effectively in text form.

Enter EyeJot.

Just log into your EyeJot inbox just as you would your regular email. Click compose, select your recipients, attach your PowerPoint (or whatever other documents or files you need to send), record your video, and click send.

Instantly, your recipients will get an email in which your intentions are crystal clear and everything they need to utilize the information in your message is attached in a neat, centralized way.

All in the time it took you to record the video.
All with absolutely no more headache than sending an email.

If you're thinking EyeJot is something special, you're right. Sure, there are other video voicemail services out there. But you'll find all of them lacking after you've spent five minutes using EyeJot. And, because they're a small company headed up by a true visionary (CEO David Geller) they are 100% customer centered. Send them something and you always get a personal response (usually an EyeJot). This service just doesn't do canned messages. It's all hands on and up close.

Maybe I sound like I'm gushing about EyeJot. To a degree, I suppose I am. But this is a service I believe has an unbelievable potential to really change the world of communication. It's the perfect meshing of the two worlds of email and video. In a time when more and more people are complaining about how impersonal communication has become, EyeJot swoops in brings everyone face to face.

Oh, and just for good measure, you don't even have to visit your EyeJot inbox to view your video messages. The company provides all of your messages as a convenient RSS feed which means you can view your messages on iTunes (or sync them to your iPod), or in any RSS reader - including Google Reader. You can even download your messages in a variety of formats so you can store them right on your computer for future reference.

If you've not already tried the service, you probably don't understand why I'm still, after a year of using it, so excited about it. Let me encourage you to hit the site now (it's free) and sign up for an account. Give the service a spin and I guarantee that you'll be as consumed with the service as I am.

So, do you think video voicemail has potential? Send me an email, post a comment, or send me an EyeJot and let me know!

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