Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because naked clowns are HOT!

Just when we thought the pleas of desperation from charities seeking to raise money couldn't get any worse, I'd like to point you to both one of the funniest and saddest things I've seen all week:

The Naked Clown Calendar

No, I am not joking.
Yes, you will have nightmares about this.

Apparently, professional clown, juggler, and wanna be porn star Judy Finelli and a few of her twisted buddies came up with the idea - probably after a wild night of drunken clown orgies - that people would pay to see clowns naked.

Oh, yeah, and support finding a cure for MS. But, really, do you care about finding a cure for MS? Admit it, you might say you're buying the calendar to help support those with MS but we both know you really just wanna see naked clowns. I mean, really, who wouldn't?

Why? Because naked clowns are HOT!
Don't believe me? Buy the 2009 calendar here and find out.

1 comment:

sxyblucateyes said...

Oh my goodness!! I think clowns (especially these ones) look pretty creepy from the neck up!!~let alone from the neck down!!~hahaha There has to be another way to raise money than this. How about working in the circus & donating your salary to MS. Or perhaps kiddie parties!!~anything BUT clown nudity!! I will NEVER look at Bozo in the same light again!~Im scarred for LIFE!!