Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help save an innocent man from his death tonigh!


Latest News: 10:25pm 09/23 - STAY OF EXECUTION!!
The U.S. Supreme Court has stayed Troy Davis' execution until Monday, September 29. You can learn more about it here

Latest news: 6:00pm 09/23 - A request for a stay of execution is before the Georgia Supreme Court and another before the US Supreme Court. Also, the Parole Board is being asked to reconsider its position and grant clemency.

Troy Davis, a now 40 year old man incarcerated in Georgia is scheduled to be executed tonight for a crime he didn't commit. Mr. Davis has launched several appeals and the court, Georgia Board of Pardons, and Governor of Georgia have all refused to step in and help.

You can read the details of Troy's case here but here are the highlights:

  • Off-Duty Savannah Police Officer Mark A. MacPhailen was murdered in 1989 by unknown assailants.

  • Shortly after the murder, Troy Davis was arrested and has spent the last 17 years on death row based on the testimony of 9 witnesses against him.

  • 7 of those 9 witnesses have since recanted their testimony.

  • No gun has ever been produced linking Troy to the murder

  • One of the witnesses that has not recanted his testimony is Mr. Sylvester Coles. There is new evidence that he may be the real gunman.

    Troy was convicted solely on police wittiness testimony. 7 of 9 of them have recanted their story

    Yet he is still on death row!
    He will still be murdered tonight for a crime he did not commit.

    I encourage all of you to visit the Troy Davis Amnesty International site and take action before it's too late. I'm writing this post quickly to get the word out and with no editing at all. Amnesty does a much better job of explaining things than I do. They also provide ways you can help save Troy.

    Thank you for your help.
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