Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is all the Vista hate legit or just uninformed?

Windows Vista has been a problem for Microsoft.

Since its introduction nearly two years ago, Vista has gone from being one of the most anticipated operating systems ever to one of the most hated. That, of course, is not without reason. There were a lot of problems Windows Vista users had to overcome if they were early adopters of the OS. Things like drivers not working, things randomly breaking, and the entire thing running incredibly slow on even decent hardware all conspired against Microsoft to make Vista one big PR nightmare.

But what about now?  How do Vista users fare in this post SP1 world?

Things have gotten a lot better!

Overall, nearly all of the early driver issues have been resolved. Every major hardware vendor has now issued Vista compatible drivers for their products and Vista itself includes very impressive out of the box hardware support.  SP1 fixed a lot of the crashes which, it turns out, were largely caused by incompatible hardware drivers being installed on the system and, the speed issue has been resolved largely due to a concerted campaign by Microsoft to ensure users understood the hardware power that was required to run Vista comfortably.

So what about the Vista haters still out there?  What is still so wrong with Vista that a large section of the IT world are still advising users to stick with XP until Windows 7 comes out in 2009?


Microsoft, through the Mojave Experiment, has learned that a lot of the Vista hate out there is simply bandwagon emotions brought on by all the negative things they've heard about pre-SP1 Vista. When users are sat in front of a computer and told that what they are working with is the NEW OS from Microsoft, they generally like it. They talk about things like how speedy and stable it is and how visually appealing it looks. When they are told it's really Vista, they are genuinely shocked because everything they know about Vista doesn't usually come first hand but rather from other Vista hating friends, family, and IT people who sometimes haven't even tried the OS at all.

The bottom line is this: Vista has come a long way. It's a very usable, stable, and reliable operating system that, while it still has some problems, Microsoft is working very hard to fix. If you've got a little extra money and your hardware is powerful enough, it is well worth the upgrade. Visually, you're going to love it and the ease of use and user friendly nature of the OS is going to shock you.

Why not have your own Mojave  Experiment today? Go to Best Buy and try out some Vista machines. One time and I guarantee you'll be hooked. It's not perfect and it might not be compelling enough to move from XP. But all-in-all, it's pretty sweet.

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Jane Challinor said...

I have vista - I have had it for a year. Apart from some old hardware not being compatible,(which admittedly was a pain initially) I have had no problems. I don't understand why people hate it. My boyfriend who is a complete technophobe (and has survived on Windows 98 fearing the change for many years), last weekend bought a new pc and has migrated withtout any nightmares to Vista.