Friday, October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd: Psycho or Warrior?

By now, just about everyone in the world has heard about the allegedly horrible ordeal 20 year old student Ashley Todd endured on yesterday when she was supposedly attacked at an ATM by a man enraged by her McCain/Palin bumper sticker. If you follow the news, you probably already know she's now admitted it was all a hoax; a kind of guerrilla campaigning tactic designed to help her candidate of choice win the election.

While most of the media is labeling Ms. Todd a psycho and a liar, I want to take a slightly different approach on the issue:

Ashley Todd is a warrior in her own mind.

The 2008 election is perhaps one of the most important elections in 50 years. It's nothing short of a battle for the heart and soul of the American republic and we have two men with very different views on how our country should move forward. Many people see the upcoming election as a moral choice between an untrustworthy, evil man (Barack Obama) and a proven, reliable leader (John McCain). Whether they are right or wrong voting on perceived moral issues always creates a passion that often leads to some pretty radical behavior.

Like faking an attack to hurt your opponent.
Like carving a letter on yourself.

I don't think Ms. Todd is psycho. I think she's someone with good intentions and who deeply loves her country. She is, like many people, concerned about the direction her country will take if the wrong person becomes president. I believe she sees this election on a moral ground and, as such, all bets are off.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with what she did and I think there were a lot better ways she could have made a much more effective statement for her beliefs. But I do understand her passion. I do understand her concerns.

I think that, instead of judging Ms. Todd as a psycho or unstable, we should see her as what she is: collateral damage in the war for America. Yes, it's tragic that she took things to the level she did, but I understand it in an odd sort of way. In her mind, this election is no different than how Americans might see the War on Terror. In her mind, losing control of the country to her candidates opponent would deeply and fundamentally harm America.

In an odd way, I understand her thoughts..
In an odd way, I actually respect her.

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