Monday, October 27, 2008

FINALLY RELEASED: Qik for Blackberry!

I've probably emailed Qik 25 times asking about when they were going to release the Qik application for the Blackberry. I never got a response but I always knew it couldn't be far away with OS 4.5 bringing video recording to almost all recent Blackberry devices.

Imagine how I almost peed my pants to find that Qik announced and released the Qik Blackberry client on yesterday and that it, not only works, but works incredibly well.

Thank you Qik for making my week. This is awesome.

If you have a Blackberry and OS 4.5 I strongly suggest that you head over to Qik and try out the application. It doesn't have the social community of Next2Friends, but it's still a pretty cool application!

Now, I am going to bed.
Ok, really I am going to download Qik.
Then, I am going to bed.

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