Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are we pushing our kids over the edge?

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Nice said...

An eight year old boy is a child and never a responsible adult. Kids become what they are by the things that influences them. As good principles and values guide us on our responses and so does the bad things that we see and learn affect our mindsets and actions.
Video games and violent movies are partly to be blamed here.The 8 year old boy is a victim. He is a victim of bad influences that guided him in his reactions and responses to his surroundings.
If he was taught to value and respect life and the elderly could have he committed the act? I don't think so.
We all pass childhood times where one should have been formed and nurtured with the good values in life. Childhood years are times for molding, for forming good character in this life.Formed to become peace-loving, productive and self-confident individuals.
The question? What are the causative factors? What kind of family was he raised? What are the things that influenced him? By then you will know the reason why he came to commit the act.
In every effect there is a cause!