Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last night, our country changed

Last night, our country turned a corner. We came out of the darkness of hundreds of years of inequality and oppression and boldly and decisively stepped into a new world. One where fears, doubts, and half-truths no longer rule our collective psyche but rather one where hope for a better tomorrow has once again been ignited within Ronald Regan's "City on a Hill". Last night, almost 100 million people spoke with one voice, one will, and one purpose:

To elect Barack H. Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.

Those of you who've followed both this blog and my Twitter feed know I have not been a fan of Barack Obama. There are numerous reasons why I don't trust him at face value and I worry about what his election means for our country. But last night was special. Last night was our country moving forward. Last night was one of the most powerfully moving nights of my entire life.

Politics aside, President-Elect Obama has already delivered on his promise of change and hope. The very fact that an African-American man from humble beginnings could rise to take the most powerful office in the land is a testament to his own courage, the power of his message, and the hope of a country. It shows that America is capable of reinventing itself and growing. It shows that we are not the nation we once were. It shows that a single person acting with conviction, dedication, and purpose, can effect change on a global scale.

No, I don't agree with much of Barack Obama's politics. But, for this day, I don't care. Today is a day for celebration. Today is a day to heal our collective national wounds.

Today, by the sheer force of American will, our country changed.

And I find it hard, even with my opposing political views, to believe that the election of Sen. Barack Obama was in any way a bad thing.

Indeed, I refuse to believe it.

Congratulations Sen. Obama! You fought a long and honorable war and you've come out victorious. And I do believe that, because of you, this country will emerge victorious once again very soon.

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