Monday, December 15, 2008

Cut through the endless discussion with Zapproved!

Anyone who's ever submitted a proposal knows the endless discussion that can crop up around even the most basic decisions. Things that should take minutes end up in hours or days long discussion and debate and that can often ground even the most important projects to a screeching halt. It's annoying, it's anti-productive, and, unfortunately, it happens all the time.

Enter Zapproved, a new startup launched today who's goal is to bring your proposal to a final yes/no vote. Using Zapproved, you create a proposal, submit it to your approvers, and they get a chance to vote it up or down. No discussion. No debate. Just action.

Personally, I love this idea and I rushed over to sign up for an account. I can already see a thousand ways using this strategy can save both time and money. Sure, sometimes you need to discuss things in depth, but other times people tend to use discussion as a stalling tactic. Using Zapproved will forces these stragglers to either make a decision or get right to the point about why they've failed to do so.

In our increasingly horrible economy and what seems to be turning out to be an era that will have the higest failure rates since the dot com bust, a new startup rises to one of the biggest challenges of its life.

And this one just might survive.

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