Thursday, January 29, 2009

The merging of human and technology

Over the last few days, I've been investigating Transhumanism. While it sounds like a strange term, what it represents is something even stranger: fields of thought and research that are pushing the edges of science and knowledge so close to their limits that it sometimes feels like you're acting in a science fiction movie while you're discussing them.

But the ideas transhumanism represents are nothing short of revolutionary:

- anti-aging
- human/computer integration
- mind and body enhancement
- performance enhancement on all levels
- the preservation of consciousness past physical 'death'

Sounds strange? It is. But while most people will bluntly tell you these things aren't possible, transhumanists will tell you these things are not possible right now.

Some of the brightest minds on earth from some of the largest research institutions are putting in a serious amount of time and money into researching technologies that will allow us to transcend and expand our very humanity.

Using computers and nanotechnology, we might soon be able to fully blur the lines between the virtual and the real thereby expanding our reality exponentially. We might be able to stay the hand of death by, not just several years, but possibly by several decades and eventually centuries. Not quite immortality, but pretty nice.

I don't know a lot about transhumanism right now, but I'm learning. I've joined the World Transhumaninism Organization and belong to a few of their mailing list. I have to say I'm both intrigued and awed by the new frontiers of science and tech I'm discovering there. Cutting edge stuff that I've only dared think about in my oddest and most off the wall fantasies.

But these aren't fantasy.
These are the future of reality.

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