Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I joined the Campaign for Liberty

I've always considered myself a politically savvy guy. I follow the national political discussion closely and I've participated in every election since I turned 18. I trusted that, while not perfect, the people I voted for to represent me on the national level were honorable people who had my best interests at heart. They might disagree on political issues, they might disagree on what is actually best for me, but I've always believed that they truly cared about the welfare of the citizens they represented.

Then, gradually and with much pain, I realized the whole thing was an elaborate farce. The very people I helped place into power were using that power in a massive conspiracy to grab even more power and to make me into a pawn in an international game of chess where the only true winners would be the elite few who took their place above the piles of the masses they controlled. These people - and it wasn't only in the United States - didn't care for anything except raw, unadulterated power. To them, everything they did, every vote they made, every bill they wrote, was simply a means to and end and that end was ultimate control and power. And, perhaps the most damning and insidious part of their plan was they used the direct manipulation of the financial system to accomplish their goals.

Since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the central bank of the United States has controlled and manipulated our society through the manipulation of our money supply. Using our money, those in power can cause national, and even international, hardship or they can put us on top of the world. They regularly take us through these up and down cycles in an effort to wretch control and shake our confidence in the reality of our own power. They do it to make us feel like we have no control and that, our best hope for a better tomorrow is to trust in our money handlers to solve our problems. Of course, to be able to solve those problems, they're going to need an ever increasing amount of power which we gladly give them so they can make the pain stop. When they need more power, they just tighten the screws and the whole process starts over again.

At first, I began to wonder if it was a hopeless cause. Could I, as one guy, really take on the massive internationally linked beast that is the Federal Reserve? How could I possibly take on the government itself and expect to win? Then, I heard of Dr. Ron Paul with a message that kind of surprised me.

I learned that the "Federal" Reserve wasn't really federal at all. It was simply a clever name designed to garner trust and foster a subconscious association in the American peoples minds between the company - and that's what it is - and the U.S. government. It's really no different than if I called myself Federal Papillion and my federal designation is every bit as federal as the Federal Reserve is. Another piece to an elaborate farce.

Next, I learned that the Federal Reserve was a company that ran in near complete shadow. It wasn't accountable to anyone, could pretty much do what it wanted, and, perhaps most frightening of all since they control our money supply, had never been audited. Nobody outside of the company actually knows what really happens to our money or where it goes, how it's manipulated, and numerous other things that an audit would expose.

Dr. Paul spoke of some pretty frightening things that could happen if this company were allowed to retain unmonitored control of our national monetary system but he also spoke of hope. He said that those of us who were concerned were not powerless and that we could, through organized, aggressive, and concerted action, move our country back to where it should be and place legal control of our monetary system back where it belongs: with the Federal Government of the United States and he outlined ways to do it.

So here I am, an excited, enthused member of Campaign for Liberty who stands ready to fight for my liberty and yours. I believe that we can retake our money and, thereby, break the iron hold international bankers have on our country. We can wretch control of our own destiny back from these manipulators and, once again, direct our own paths. I believe we have the power to make these people quake with fear when they think of us and I believe that's a good thing.

We are not victims and we are not poppets to be controlled by the money handlers. We are THE PEOPLE and it's time they recognized the enormous power that WE THE PEOPLE have. This is our country, our destiny, our money. We're just taking it back.

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