Friday, October 1, 2010

Product Review: Kindle DX Wireless eBook Reader

Generally, I don't do a lot of product reviews on this blog. They're something I'd like to do a lot more of, but can barely find the time to post regularly, much less do full product reviews. But the latest iteration of the popular Amazon Kindle ebook reader has me so excited that I thought now would be a great time to post my first review.

The Kindle DX wireless eBook reader is probably one of the best pieces of technology I've ever owned. I was excited about the original Kindle but this one just has me totally wowed. From its physically beautiful black graphite finish to its large, clear, anti-glare screen, Amazon got almost everything right about this product:

  • A big, bright, stunningly clear, 9.7 inch, anti-glare, screen that makes reading in direct sunlight incredibly easy.

  • Super thin one-third of an inch depth makes it as thin as most magazines. It's almost as light as a magazine too!

  • Incredible battery life. The Kindle 2 had great battery life but the Kindle DX kicks butt. Read for a full week before having to charge it again!

  • Great PDF support means you can take your existing documents with you easily without needing to convert them to the native Kindle format.

  • Global coverage means you can get books wherever you are - anywhere there's a 3G or Wifi signal.

  • Auto rotating screen. Yep, that's right, flip the Kindle DX to the side and it will reorient itself to a sidelong view.

  • Same great features other Kindle's have

If you're a reader and you purchase only one device this year, the Kindle DX is the one for you. Amazon has put a lot of work into the new design and it shows. The Kindle is one of the few devices that, like the Apple iPhone, continue to get better with each iteration. The DX is no exception.

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