Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fixing the OpenShot "Missing libh264 and libmp3lame" error in Ubuntu

OpenShot is a fantastic and simple Linux video editor. The software provides many of the features more advanced video editors do along with a simple interface that allows you to work quickly. No, you're not going to create the next Hollywood blockbuster on OpenShot, but if you're producing videos for YouTube or editing family videos, this might just be the software for you.

If you're using the stock installation of OpenShot, you're probably familiar with the software telling you that it's missing libh264 and libmp3lame, making rendering video of almost any kind impossible. Thankfully, there's a simple fix that you can implement in about 5 minutes.

1. Open the Synaptic Package Manager and search for libavformat
2. Install the following software:
3, If OpenShot is already open, close it and start it again.

You should now be able to render your videos in full H.264 glory!

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