Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The PATRIOT Act is up for Renewal. Did you know?

I just got this in email and thought I'd share it with you guys. I know everyone's view on the PATRIOT Act varies but, whatever you believe, you have a right to know.


Did you hear that the PATRIOT Act is up for renewal? No? You're not alone: Apparently US intelligence services can still keep a secret.

Since it was passed almost a decade ago, some of the most noxious portions
of the PATRIOT Act have burrowed their way deep into our legal system. A
year ago, President Obama signed a bill extending three provisions of the
original PATRIOT Act; last week Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Michigan)
introduced legislation to extend them again.

[1]Will you click here, and urge your elected officials to oppose the
reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act?

Together, the extended provisions make a mockery of our civil liberties:
They let government officials spy on whomever they want, for any reason,
without ever letting them know or giving them a chance to challenge the
order in court.

Enough is enough: Will you join us in demanding that Congress finally let
these provisions expire?

[2]Just click here, and we'll automatically send a message to your
senator, representative, and President Obama.

Thanks for joining us in the effort to reclaim Americans' civil liberties.

-- The Demand Progress team


Visible links
1. http://act.demandprogress.org/go/29?akid=101.74059.Rkl4Vd&t=1
2. http://act.demandprogress.org/go/29?akid=101.74059.Rkl4Vd&t=2

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