Saturday, February 19, 2011

An interesting new free software project

So I've long been a user of both free and open source software but, admittedly, haven't actually contributed much back to the community. For the last few days I've been reading an awesome book about The Free Software Foundations founder Richard M. Stallman called "Free as in Freedom" and it's really set the fire to contribute back to the community burning in my belly.

So I'm taking on my first independent free software project and I'm looking for fellow hackers who want to take the journey with me.

The project is fairly straightforward but surprisingly complex: to reverse engineer the RAR version 3 file archiving format and create a free software tool to manipulate those files (create, extract, etc).

I've been searching the net for a few hours now and I'm noticing that there's precious little in the way of documentation available for version 3 so this will prove to be an interesting challenge indeed.

Interested in coming along on the journey? Get in touch!

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