Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My renewed interest in RedHat

Over the last few months, I've written quite a bit about my growing concerns with Canonical (makers of Ubuntu Linux) and what I think amounts to their ignoring community in their search for increased market share. Most of what I've written has been negative as I've not seen very much good come from the situation. But today, I realized something good had indeed come from it and I was missing a *huge* opportunity by focusing so closely on the Ubuntu debacle.

When I first began exploring Linux back in the early 2000's, I began with what was then the darling of the community: RedHat. At the time. RedHat was a small company struggling to make a name for itself while striving to make a superior product that people would want. Today, RedHat is a behemoth: a billion dollar company that dominates the Linux business world and who's future looks amazingly bright. The company offers a host of business focused products ranging from server software to cloud platforms and just about everything in between. RedHat is also a near perfect open source company running as transparently as possible on *both* the development and business sides and they have an amazing partner community that I think rivals the Microsoft Partner Network.

So I'm taking a second look at RedHat. While Canonical goes after disenfranchised Windows users with its new releases, RedHat focuses on business. Sure, they have a desktop version too in Fedora, but RedHat is totally serious about business. Open source *and* business focused? How could I not love a company like that?!?

If you run an IT company that creates and sells Linux based solutions, I encourage you to take a look at RedHat too. You'll be surprised what they're accomplishing with their passion and focus and you might just never look back at where you are now.
Check out their site at:

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