Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This years "Linux Sucks" talk

Again this year, Bryan Lunduke gave his famous yearly 'state of Linux' talk called "Linux Sucks" at Linux Fest Northwest. It's been a tradition that, every year, Bryan reviews where Linux was last year and how far its come since. The talk is both entertaining and eye opening for any Linux enthuesiest or developer.

What's the verdict this year? Some things on Linux still suck while others have gotten a lot better. The platform still is lacking in the video and editing space but excels in other areas. The solution? Lunduke proposes that the Linux community embrace paying people for their work, start buying software and really supporting their favorite open source projects by contributing money to their development. Additionally, Lunduke makes the case as to why Linux users need to embrace proprietary software to some degree (which I don't agree with at all) and discusses what's needed for open source and Linux to have long term, commercial viability.

Overall, this was an incredible talk and one I look forward to every year. Lunduke is a realist who's able to combine humor with hard truth to inspire the Linux community like few others are able to do.

I hope you enjoy the talk as much as I did.

BEWARE: the audio is HORRIBLE!

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