Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm part of the 'unparty'

I tend to post a lot of political information on Facebook. I mean a lot. I view the service as much as a platform for public activism as I do a place to socialize with friends and family and one of my goals is to reach out to my connections and make them think. I don’t expect them to agree with me or even like me after reading a specific post, but if I make them think about things a little differently just for a few seconds, I’ve more than achieved my goals.

A few people have emailed and accused me of being a conservative while others have labeled me a liberal. While some of my views certainly fall on both sides of the political spectrum, I prefer to think of myself as part of the ‘Unparty’.

What is the ‘Unparty’ you ask? We’re the people who’ve broken out of the left/right paradigm and have realized that both parties are the problem. Republicans blame Democrats; Democrats blame Republicans but, in the end and regardless of which party is in power, nothing significant ever really changes.

That’s where the ‘Unparty’ comes in. We understand that, if we are ever to have real change, we have to stop playing the game. We have to stop looking at left and right and start looking at what’s sensible and works. In the end, it matters little which party someone belongs to and more what they do to advance the causes of liberty and freedom.

A politician who destroys our economy, discriminates against humans who are different from themselves, or one who devalues the dignity of those they don’t agree with is an evil and corrupt person regardless of what political label the choose to slap on their chest. Many times, I fear the game is actually constructed so that we get so caught up in the left/right battles that we don’t pay too much attention to what’s actually going on or how little difference there is between the two sides. It’s an expertly contrived scam that’s worked on voters for more than 100 years and it seems to be as effective as ever.

As a person of conscious, I find myself in a place where I simply can’t play the game anymore. I can’t be part of a party that segments people away from each other, plays word games as to what ‘freedom’ really is, or puts value on someones contributions based solely on if their paperwork is in order or not. Nor can I be part of a party that believes bigger government, larger social programs, and giving more handouts is the way to go while absolving people of personal responsibility. It seems like I just don’t fit into the standard two party system anymore and, I have to say, I’m glad I don’t.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in my disgust of politics as usual. Millions of others are joining me and they’re mad as hell. They’re waking up to the reality that both major parties in the US are bought, owned, and sold, by corporations who’s only goal is to increase profit and who have no qualms about harming or enslaving others to do so.. They understand that our politicians no longer actually work for us but rather work for GE or Ford, or Monsanto. For these politicians, it’s all about the money and the average citizen simply doesn’t matter. Freedom, liberty, constitutional right? Those are just abstract, antiquated, concepts on some 200 year old piece of paper. They aren’t relevant today. Today, the republic means nothing to these people; the corporatocracy is the only thing that matters.

Unfortunately for those politicians, and fortunate for the people, there are liberty minded people outside of the two party system who are willing to stand up and say ‘enough is enough!’. They are willing to fight and bleed for freedom and the natural rights that we all have. They recognize our innate right to self ownership and they understand that we are not slaves and are entitled to keep that which our labor generates.

These people, the Libertarians, are the reason I’ve not completely given up on our political system. I’d all but lost hope that principled people of conscious could make any difference at all. But they are making a difference. In local and state elections around the country they are waging a war for individual freedoms and against the status quo. They are not content with leaving things the way they are because they understand the way they are is broken. They’re offering real solutions to real problems without the need for increased government or new laws. Imagine that! When was the last time you heard a politician say ‘no, it’s ok, we don’t need a new law for that’? Shocked me too when I first heard it.

Before this becomes nothing more than an ad for the Libertarian party, I want to stop and say that there are things the part stands for that I don’t agree with. But they’ve gotten me excited about politics again and believing that things are not too far along to make a real difference. They’ve re-lit the fires of freedom in my bones and I am once again optimistic about our country. In the end, not being the perfect party is something I can live with. Politics is never perfect, it’s never clean. But when freedom is the outcome, it can’t be all that bad either.

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