Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stop begging government, start replacing it!

Americans have become used to begging our government for what we want. We beg them for lower taxes, better national defense, a fair marketplace, less influence in our daily lives, but it always seems that their answer is a resounding 'NO!'.  That's because, as much as we'd like to believe otherwise, our government doesn't serve we the people but rather is beholden solely to huge, multinational corporations.

Begging the government for relief will never work. They are not interested in what you need. They are interested in how they can expand government influence and corporate power. The fact that you are paying  taxes more and living closer to poverty doesn't matter. The fact that both you and your wife or husband both have to work and  still barely earn enough for basic needs doesn't matter. YOU don't matter. 

It's time we stop begging the government for change and begin implementing change ourselves. In the movie "V for Vendetta", the protagonist speaks one of the most memorable and true lines I've ever heard in a movie: "The people should never be afraid of their government; government should be afraid of the people". The problem in our modern day is that government has lost its fear of the people. Politicians know they can lie, cheat, steal, and sell our future to the highest bidder and still be assured they have a pretty good chance at re-election in the next election cycle. We vacillate constantly between Republicans and Democrats hoping that one will fix the problems created by the other. 

But they won't. Because they are all part of the same corporate controlled machine.

If we are to bring about real change; "change we can believe in" as Barack Obama loved to say, we have to begin acting in ways we've never acted in before. We have to begin thinking outside of the two party system and doing something that's radical and scary: we have to start replacing the two party corporate whore-mongers with third party options. They have to be shown that we don't buy their lies anymore. The jig is up! We know they're both the same and we want true liberty, not continued promises that never seem to get fulfilled.

In his 1997 essay called "Assassination Politics", Jim Bell theorized that political behavior could be controlled by placing a price on a bad acting politicians head. In such a system, politicians who act against the best interests of the people might find themselves on a prediction list and, soon enough, the wrong end of a bullet.

While Bell's essay is interesting, It has no practical value today. In an atmosphere where most Americans readily swallow the lies their government tells, the trigger of a voting booth becomes a much scarier and much more effective weapon than the trigger of a gun. Kill a politician and you will be labeled a terrorist and new, tighter laws will be passed to control your fellow man. Worst of all, the people will support is since killing is such a heinous act in most cases. Career assassination, on the other hand, provides an even handier and more effective way to get rid of the scum while protecting both yourself and your fellow man from the repercussions that come with Bell's ideas.

The voting booth, when used correctly, is the most effective tool we have. It's more powerful than a gun, more frightening to the elite than the very threat of death itself, and perhaps the only solution that is available to nearly every American. In the voting booth lies our true power and that scares the hell out of politicians.

Notice, however, that I said 'when used correctly'. We don't tend to use the voting booth correctly in this country. Largely, we aren't allowed to. Ballot access laws, media biases, and political propaganda, are all used as a way of keeping us locked into the failed two party system and, because it's almost always been that way, most Americans don't even bother fighting it.

But we must fight. We must break out of the mindset that there are only two options and that we're forced to choose 'the lesser of two evils'. There aren't just two options. We don't have to pick either or; we can demand more. We can demand fair ballots where everyone can be represented equally and people are given a true choice. But to get there, it's going to take work and it's going to take a whole lot of trial and error.

Government doesn't only need to be reduced, it needs to be replaced with people of conscious; people who are not beholden to special interests, corporate favors, and backroom payoffs. We have to stop bouncing between the two parties, stop begging government for our freedoms and favors, and start demanding that those we elected to represent us actually do so. If they don't, then we need to replace them with someone who will; someone from outside of the system.

Stop begging, start replacing.

Can we achieve liberty? Yes! But as long as we stay locked in the two party mindset, we will never find true freedom. The two parties are there solely for the illusion of choice. That illusion, like any illusion, is a smoke and mirrors game where the real function and action is well hidden behind the locked doors of corporate power. Unlock those doors! Kick them down! Choose real choice! Kick the 'business as usual' maniacs out and replace them with people who are truly willing to do the will of the people! No time in history has been better for political reform than the place we stand right now. It's up to us what kind of future our country has. 

Are you willing to truly start a revolution?

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