Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oklahoma Libertarian Party reaches ballot access signature goal

I'm proud to announce that the Oklahoma Libertarian Party reached a major goal this morning. Earlier today, Presidential Candidate RJ Harris and others from the state party handed in 51,000 signatures collected over a nine month period petitioning the state to allow Libertarians to be listed on the Oklahoma ballot this November. While the signatures still need to be vetted by the State, this could be the first time Libertarians appear on the Oklahoma ballot in over 10 years.

The ability to collect that many signatures in only nine months is a testament of how sick Oklahoma citizens are of the two party duopoly in our state and country. We want change and people are willing to put their name down to bring that change about.

While I'm sure there will be challenges to the signatures, the mere fact that they exist means that the two parties can't pretend they meet all Oklahoma voter needs anymore. They can't hide their head in the sand and pretend like third parties in Oklahoma are irrelevant or that voters don't really care. 51,000 Oklahoman's have spoken and demanded change. Win or lose this signature challenge, Oklahoma Libertarians can't be ignored anymore.

That is a win for everyone.

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