Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google I/O starts TOMORROW!

So I'm probably a little more excited about Google I/O than I should be considering that I won't actually be attending it this year.  Time constraints, projects, other stuff, keeps me here in Oklahoma instead of sitting at the feet of the great ones soaking up all the new hotness that will be Google services and products over the next year.  But that doesn't stop me from feeling that surge of excitement - the same surge of excitement I feel every year around I/O time. It's like something electric is in the air. Everyone is excited; everyone is pumped and ready to pop with anticipation.

I'll be watching a lot of the conference being streamed online starting tomorrow. I've heard a few rumors about what Google's going to announce (including it's latest update to Android which MAY NOT BE 5.0) and possibly a Nexus tablet. I'm really hoping they announce some cool stuff around HTML5 and Android and, maybe some new web API's we've all been waiting for.

Whatever they announce, I'm excited. Sure, I've got my problems with Google but it's hard not to get excited when I/O time is here.

What are YOU most looking forward to?

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