Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Highlights from the Google IO Keynote

Watching the Google IO keynote right now. Here are some highlights as they happen. Will flesh out details as we go.

  • Android 4.1 (Jellybean) - better frame rate, smoother animation
  • Available: Mid-July on devices
  • SDK is available today at
  • Android PDK (for hardware developers) available soon
  • Offline typing, very accurate, no need to be online to use it.
  • New languages
  • Camera Photos now have filmstrip view, phones are recoverable
  • Android Beam is better. More than 1 million NFC devices per week.
    • Tap to share contacts
    •  Tap to pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Tight integration with Google+
  • Search
    • Better search, presenting more information by default to the user using Knowledge Graph
    • Voice search is faster, more user friendly, and more accurate
    • Google Now: Smarter search based on current conditions and known information from the web. Will tailor information based on GPS location, calender, and past search. Updated in real time. Will watch your calender and tell you when to leave in order for local mass transit to arrive on time, will guide you to airport terminals to arrives in time for flight, and will update you in real time on your favorite sports team.
  • More than 600,000 apps currently in Play.
  • 20 Billion app installs across Google Play so far
  • 1.5 Billion apps installer per month
  • App encryption. Paid apps are encrypted to the device ID in Jellybean forward
  • Smart APK update: no more downloading the who APK ever time an app is updated. Only the updated parts will be download. Supported from Gingerbread and above automatically!
  • Movie and Television episode Purchasing. Now you can own your content instead of just renting it! Starts today.
  • Magazines! Buy single issues of popular magazines or whole subscriptions. Will offer 14 day free trial.
  • Google Play tight integration
  • 7" tablet designed by Google and Asus
  • Display: 1280x800 HD Display
  • Architecture: Tegra 3 chipset with a quad core CPU and a 12 core GPU!
  • Front facing camera
  • Battery life is up to 9 hours of video playback and 300 hours standby
  • Weight is only 340 grams!
  • Interactive content for magazine reading on Google Play
  • HD Video is stunningly clear
  • Google Chrome is the default browser on tablet
  • Compass Mode (look inside businesses) is hooked up to the Gyroscope for more realistic experience
  • Offline maps for use when you don't have a connection
  • Google Currents enables quick translation of great content into multiple languages
  • Games can take full advantage of the 12 GPU cores for a console like gaming experience
  • Available today at $199. Includes $25 credit to spend in the Google Play store + free content
  • Orders ship in mid-July
  • Small, Android powered computer
  • Tightly integrates with Google Play
  • Use your mobile device to control it. Streams content from Google Play
  • Based on the OMAP 4460 (same chip as the Nexus)
  • Plug into your speakers and television. Optical digital audio + micro HDMI, dual band wifi + ethernet, NFC, MicroUSB port and fully configurable (hackable)
  • Socially connected allows your friends to add content from their devices
  • Choose your screen: allows you to select which screen you want your content played on. Will pick up where you left off.
  • Preorders available today for $299. Ships in July
End of Keynote

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