Monday, August 13, 2012

Want to send completely anonymous email? You need this!

I've been working on a little program for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android called AnonyMail. AnonyMail is not the most revolutionary software you'll ever find in your life. It's not going to shift any paradigms or change the face of any industries. But it does one thing really well: it allows you to send completely anonymous email.

Let's face it, there are many reasons why you might want to send anonymous email. Maybe you're a corporate or government whistleblower with a hot item to share or maybe you're just love struck and too shy to confess your feelings to your crush. Whatever your reasons, AnonyMail is probably for you.

Want to pick it up? Great! For a limited time you can get it for only $2.99 and it doesn't require any activation once you buy it. You can find out more about the program or purchase it by going to this website. And, as always, if you've got feedback for me, shoot me an email!

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Silent Sender said...

That is one way, but I tried it and I never got the email. One that I know works is . You can try it yourself if you like.