Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Web is Changing. WebPlatform is Documenting It

There are a lot of bad web developers out there. No, I'm not talking about people creating ugly sites, I'm talking about people creating sites that simply don't work or barely work.  Bad code seems to be a sad causality of everything moving to the browser. It's made programming immensely easier and simpler but it's also enabled really bad programmers to write really bad code.

A new initiative between some of the heavy hitters in the tech industry (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla, etc) aims to change that. WebPlatform.org is a site that provides tutorials, sample code, chat with other developers, and other things and has the goal of 'documenting the web' and providing web developers with the tools they need to write better code.

I spent some time on the site last night and, I have to say, it's pretty great. Their JavaScript tutorials cover just about everything a developer needs to know, and their HTML5 documentation is easy to understand, accessible to all skill levels, and very well written. It all comes together nicely into a site that should be the de-facto starting point for anyone getting started in web development or even those who've worked in the field a while but want to beef up on their coding chops and, maybe, learn something new

Sites like this are important. With more and more 'traditional' applications moving to the web and mobile and with major operating systems like Windows 8 and Ubuntu integrating web applications right into the desktop, strong web development skills are going to become the deciding factor that either enables developers to continue to develop for these systems or locks them out completely.

It's not your fathers Internet anymore. Everything is changing. WebPlatform seems to be ready to document it all.

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