Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seriously Reconsidering Instagram for Linux

A few days ago, I made a post saying that I was beginning work on a version of Instagram for Ubuntu. As a developer, I really like what I see coming out of Ubuntu and I'm putting a lot of my eggs in their basket. I realize that, if Ubuntu is going to take major market share, the platform is going to need good, solid, sexy, consumer applications similar to those that Windows and OS X have. I also realize that these apps, as more people seek refuge in Ubuntu from those other operating system, are going to be the primary driver of revenue for developers on that platform.

I'm a commercial developer. That means that, in order to do what I love, I need the apps I write to make money. That also means I have to be willing to walk away from an idea or project if I see it won't make money to support itself. Such is the case with Instagram for Linux.

Shortly after I posted my announcement, I saw a post by Chris Pirillo on Facebook talking about a Chrome extension for Instagram. I installed the extension and, I have to say, I really like it. In fact, it does everything I was planning for my application and does it very well. I also did some more research and found a good extension for Firefox. As such, I have to seriously consider if a desktop Instagram client is either needed or even viable.  My gut reaction is 'no' on both accounts.

So, for now, I'm going to put my client on hold and see how where the Chrome and Firefox extensions goes. If, at some point, they start to disappoint, I can always revive the project and move forward. If not, then we'll have the best of breed Instagram client in a browser extension.

I really was having fun developing this app too. Being pragmatic sucks sometimes :-)

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Cyber Killer said...

That's sad, as I was looking forward for some app to apply instagram filters without having to register an account there (cause you know, failbook is evil), but I know how you feel. I sacked a few of my own projects for similar reasons.