Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Did Not Vote for a Presidential Candidate this Election

For the first time in my voting life, I have chosen not to vote for President. While I did vote for a variety of state and local issues, I deliberately chose to leave no mark by either the name Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. I chose to do so, not because I don't believe it's my 'civic duty' to vote or anything like that. I chose to do so because I believe that I have an even higher civic duty to protect my country against harm and I believe both men are equally harmful.

I often hear 'well, I don't like either candidate but I voted for the lesser of two evils'. This year, I chose to not to vote for evil at all and, I must admit, it feels rather good.  Unfortunately, it didn't have to be this way. I could have had a third choice but the state in which I live (Oklahoma) has decided that my voice doesn't matter. Even though I have a constitutional right to vote my conscience, I am only allowed to vote for the two Presidential candidates that Oklahoma has decided to allow me to vote for. Hence, I simply chose to opt-out and not vote for either. I chose not to be part of the problem. I chose not to contribute to the destruction of my country.

Some will say that, since I didn't vote for President, I have no right to complain regardless of who wins. Think about this for a moment: if two people came to you and said 'one of us is going to ransack your house, choose which one will do it' would you choose either or neither? And, if you said 'neither' do you believe you should sit there and stay silent when one of them begins ransacking your home? Of course not! But that is exactly what the 'choose or stay silent' crowd is saying.

The truth is, since I am not part of the problem, believe both are equally bad choices, and am choosing 'neither', I feel I am in a great place to complain regardless of who wins and begins to screw things up. You might have chosen the lesser of two evils but you still chose evil. I chose not to vote for evil.

Yep, not voting for evil feels really good. Really good.

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