Monday, January 21, 2013

Internet Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom Hits Back Hard

Kim Dotcom is certainly not a man to take attacks on him lightly. That's why when the FBI, in conjunction with local police, seized the MegaUpload servers and raided his Australian home, claiming that the service was a 'safe haven for piracy', Dotcom hit back hard and defiant, quickly setting up a new, more secure, file sharing service called Mega.

Mega is like MegaUpload on steroids. More space, more security, much more excitement surrounding the launch. In the early hours after public registration opened, Dotcom reported the the servers were under extreme load and that the service had signed up more than 1.1 million users.

And the frenzy continues.

With Mega, Dotcom hopes to create a service that is resistant to attacks like the one against MegaUpload. User data is encrypted using a 2048 RSA encryption key that only the user possesses, accounts get up to 50 gigabytes of free space, and the service has more bandwidth than the entire country of New Zealand. Dotcom seems determined to do everything right with Mega that he did wrong with MegaUpload and both the public and tech press seem to agree that he's doing an amazing job so far.

Will Mega suffer the same fate as MegaUpload? Possibly. But this time, it's going to be a whole lot harder for law enforcement to prove piracy and to pin it on Dotcom or his service.

Defiant, angry, brilliant. Kim Dotcom is ready to rock.

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