Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My New Project: Simple Diabetes Manager

As most of you who've been reading this blog for any length of time know, I'm a diabetic. I've been diabetic for over 10 years and have suffered many complications (including toe amputation) because of out of control blood sugar. While most of my problems stem from excessive weight gain and overeating, some of it comes from the inability to effectively track and correlate the things I do and eat with blood sugar readings.

So today, partly to 'scratch my own itch' and partly because I believe other diabetics could benefit from it, I've started developing a new project called "Simple Diabetes Manager". SDM will allow diabetics to easily track the things they do and eat and then correlate those things to their blood sugar readings. The software will be available first for the Ubutnu desktop, then for Windows,  iOS, Android, and Blackberry, a short time later.

I really believe that, when you're diabetic, it's imperative that you properly track your blood sugar. But equally important is the ability to correlate activities and foods to those readings. Having a 10,000 foot view of what effects your readings and by how much can assist both you and your doctor in treating your disease. Simple Diabetes Manager will fill that need.

Of course, obligatory screenshots are below. If you want to help out, the project is written in RealStudio and will be open source. Just contact me and we'll work something out.

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