Thursday, March 21, 2013

AnonyMail 2 is on the way!

Over the last few months, since the release of AnonyMail, I've been reading user feedback and trying to think of ways to make the program better for version 2.0.  Two of the most requested features have been implementing Tor support so that even we have no way of knowing who you are and having the ability to stagger email delivery to make traffic analysis a little harder.

AnonyMail 2.0 is right around the corner and I've implemented both of these features. I'm also considering supporting routing traffic over the i2p network although, not being as familiar with it as I am with Tor, that might have to wait until the next upgrade.

The new release will have a number of improvements:
  • A 'cleaner' user interface
  • Support for multiple AnonyMail servers*
  • Support for AnonyMail Server chaining
  • The ability to route traffic over the Tor network
  • The ability to stagger mail delivery
  • Rich text email!
  • The ability to add attachments to email messages
  • Support for more than one recipient**
* With this release, I am also going to be releasing the "AnonyMail Server" as an open source Python script. This will allow anyone to easily setup and run an AnonyMail server and I hope many will. This will strengthen the network and make it harder for mail from the program to be censored or blocked.

** I'm still going to implement a limit on the amount of recipients you can have on one message because I don't want AnonyMail to be used for spam. But the limit will be high enough where it shouldn't effect regular users.

My 'estimated' release date for version 2.0 is April 15th. The program will be available for Linux and Microsoft Windows with a Mac port coming by July. The price will still be $2.99 for either version.

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