Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making Monitoring Your Diabetes Easier

As a diabetic, I'm constantly juggling information, trying to find a good balance of the right foods, the right exercises, and just the right amount of medicine to keep my illness under control. Little things like added stress or a slight change in activity or diet can have huge impacts on how well my sugar is under control.

I believe information is power. The more information you have and the easier it is to visualize, the better you can make truly informed decisions. That's why I created GlucoTrak, a simple program that runs on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop, your mobile phone, and the web, and helps you keep track of all the things you do that impact your blood sugar.

Moreover, GlucoTrak allows you to visualize how activity or food intake impact your sugar by allowing you to create graphical reports that plot the data from various categories against your blood sugar readings. Using these reports, you and your doctor can have a solid visual record of exactly what is impacting your sugar and how.

GlucoTrak will be released in early June for Windows, Mac, and Linux with the mobile app following shortly thereafter. The web application should be released sometimes later this summer.

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