Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Government, The Media, and the Big Diversion of 2013

Why are we so obsessed with Edward Snowden?  It's been almost three weeks since the NSA employee turned whistleblower leaked information about a secret program within the NSA to spy on Americans and the media is still dissecting his personal life and toilet habits.  It seems everywhere I go: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, magazines, newspapers, all I see are headlines like "Five things you need to know about Edward Snowden", followed by long, meaningless data about a man who, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter.

Sure, what Snowden exposed matters. The personal risks he took and continue to take matter. But neither of those matter as much as the information he exposed. Snowden showed us, beyond doubt, that the US government does not care about Constitutional rights, privacy, or the rule of law. Snowden showed us that trusted companies are not just being complicit in the government violating the privacy of Americans but actively helping them do it.

This is a time when our blood should boil.  Every American should be out in the streets protesting the wholesale, rubber-stamped, violation of our Constitutional rights by an out of control government. We should be meeting together to plan political strategy and discuss how we're going to punish Obama and every single traitor in Congress who supports these programs. We should be actively getting ready to make sure every member of Congress who voted for the program or has openly voiced support never works in government again..

But, instead, we're learning about Snowden's pretty girlfriend with a broken heart and 'crazy eyes'.

Yeah, that matters. It matters because the media has told us it matters. The media has told us to focus on anything but the actual information Snowden released. "Don't look behind the curtain!", we're told, and, just like the obedient sheep we've become, we quietly sit down and do as we're told. We're great at being diverted. The media plays us like a cheap fiddle bought at an "Everything's a Buck" store and we lap it all up.

We should be ashamed. We should be disgusted, not only with our scumbag politicians, but with ourselves as well. How can we call ourselves "Americans" and say that we support the ideal of freedom when our own government is turning the whole world into one big episode of EdTV? Every one of us who hasn't spoken out, who's gotten endlessly trapped in the salaciousness of the Snowden affair should be disgusted.

In the end, and I think Snowden would agree with me, his life doesn't matter. The legality or morality of his actions don't matter. Certainly, what color panties his girlfriend chose to wear today doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that we have been betrayed by those we elected to serve us.

And that should make us mad as hell.

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Brandy Lehmann said...

What's about using to prevent someone from hacking and spying on you