Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ADCL is now NetScale Technologies

As many of you know, I've run a small company named Advanced Data Concepts for a few years now and we've done pretty good. But, over time, I grew to like the companies name less and less to the point where I didn't feel it really fit what we did and our personality as a culture anymore. So, as of yesterday, ADCL is now NetScale Technologies!

While some people might think that changing a company name is a small thing, there's often a lot riding on such a decision. First, if you're not careful, a name change can easily spook customers who may mistakenly believe that you're changing your name because there's trouble at the company, you're going bankrupt, or some other underlying issue. Additionally, you're risking sparking a period of market confusion whereby your customers aren't sure if you've been acquired or not or if they can still trust your brand. It's a big risk but one that must be taken sometimes in order to move forward.

In addition to changing names, we're going to tighten up the business focus quite a bit. ADCL tried to be everything to everyone. We administered servers, developed software, did tech support and network consulting, and a host of other functions that, while revenue generating, wasn't really our forte. From here on, we're going to focus on what we do well: software development. That's all, nothing else. We're going to focus on desktop software development for Linux and Mac, mobile development for Android, iOS, and Blackberry (also considering Firefox OS), and web application development. That's it. Total focus.

I believe this new focus will allow us to perform better as a company and pursue some things in 2014 that we've been simmering for a few years but could never quite execute. All in all, these changes, while small, will be a very good thing.

You can visit our new site at www.netscaletech.com (it's still under VERY heavy development and looks like crap) and you can send me an email with feedback, questions, etc at anthonyp@netscaletech.com.


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